17th September 2018

Insurance to Protect Your Family

In April 2017, 34 year old Kodjo Dunyo took out a loan of GHS18,000 ($3,940 USD) from the Darkuman branch of Advans Ghana to buy stock for his electrical shop which he has been running for 4 years. Later in the year Kodjo fell ill with Pneumonia and was rushed to hospital, sadly he died […]

17th September 2018

Keeping Businesses Running

Lydia Osaah is a 35-year old single mother of one who has owned a hardware store in Abuakwa for ten years. In April 2017, the Abuakwa branch of Opportunity International Savings and Loans Limited (OISL) lent Lydia GHS30,000 ($6,570 USD ) for her to develop her hardware business. She was careful to keep up her […]

5th September 2018

Supporting Families With Life and Health Insurance

Idris Gaya Ado had been a customer of Credit Direct Limited (CDL), but unfortunately in June this year he passed away following a cardiac arrest. In partnership with MicroEnsure and Cornerstone Insurance, all borrowers automatically receive Life and Health Insurance when they receive loans from CDL. Garba Idris, Idris’s brother and beneficiary, was aware of the insurance […]

23rd August 2018

Airtel Ghana Providing Support When Your Baby Arrives

Isaac Tamatey, a banker, had been on Airtel Free Insurance since April 2014. Isaac upgraded to the family cover after the free insurance was enhanced to a paid variation product. He registered his wife, Martha Teye as a nominated Family Member on his policy. On 23rd February 2018, Martha gave birth to a baby boy […]

16th August 2018

Insurance Helping Families Through Sad Times.

Santiago Gorre, 59, was a resident of Talacogon, Agusan del Sur and a member of Taytay sa Kauswagan Inc. (TSKI). Together with his wife Ivie Gorre, they maintained a rice field, a small poultry farm and a store. The couple have four children. Two are married, one is pursuing his priesthood and the other is […]

25th July 2018

Retrenchment cover for peace of mind and protection

Richmond Yao Lanyo was an employee of Gold Fields Ghana Ltd. for 10 years. During this time he was a loyal customer of Barclays Bank.  When Richmond’s company went through a downsizing exercise and he was made redundant, he was completely unaware there was retrenchment cover as one of the benefits of the account. Richmond […]

17th July 2018

Affordable Insurance for the Hardest of Times: Argie Bondad’s Story

Argie Bondad is a 33 year old hardworking head of the family, he works as a construction worker. His wife Llane Bondad, was pregnant with their third child. She sold ready-to-wear clothes to help her husband with their daily expenses. Llane was a Taytay Sa Kauswagan Inc. (TSKI) member in a branch located at their […]

9th July 2018

Timely Insurance Benefits When You Need It Most: The Barclays Ultimate Account

Customer: Samuel Adivila Location: Ghana Amount received: GHS 10,000 /$2150 USD   Samuel Adivila has banked with Barclays Ghana for the past four years. He signed up with Barclays after a friend recommended the Ultimate Account to him. The Barclays Ultimate Account offers free retrenchment cover of up to 3 months’ salary for all customers […]

4th July 2018

Change Through Global Partnerships

Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab The Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) is a global partnership with the mission to inspire and support supervisors to promote inclusive and responsible insurance, thereby reducing vulnerability. Last year, MicroEnsure were honoured to become part of the A2ii’s latest programme – the Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab. The Lab is jointly organised […]

13th June 2018

Good News In Hard Times: Barclay’s Ultimate Account Retrenchment Cover

Customer: Paul Aninakwa Location: Ghana Amount received: GHS 2,688/$595 USD Paul had been banking with Barclays Ghana for the past four years. He switched to Barclays when he started working at Kateon Natie. The Barclays Ultimate Account offers free retrenchment cover of up to 3 months’ salary for all customers who deposit their salaries with […]