4th July 2018

Change Through Global Partnerships

Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab The Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) is a global partnership with the mission to inspire and support supervisors to promote inclusive and responsible insurance, thereby reducing vulnerability. Last year, MicroEnsure were honoured to become part of the A2ii’s latest programme – the Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab. The Lab is jointly organised […]

13th June 2018

Good News In Hard Times: Barclay’s Ultimate Account Retrenchment Cover

Customer: Paul Aninakwa Location: Ghana Amount received: GHS 2,688/$595 USD Paul had been banking with Barclays Ghana for the past four years. He switched to Barclays when he started working at Kateon Natie. The Barclays Ultimate Account offers free retrenchment cover of up to 3 months’ salary for all customers who deposit their salaries with […]

8th June 2018

Bancassurance for All in a Digitised World

Last month MicroEnsure’s Client Relations Manager, Leona Lillian Abban, presented at two events in Ghana. At the Pan-African Bancassurance & Alternative Distribution Conference: ‘Innovate or Die’, Leona’s presentation focused on ‘Bancassurance for All in a Digitised World’, The power of Mobile technology The GSMA 2018 report notes that in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2018, there are […]

1st June 2018

Emphasising the need for Inclusive Bancassurance

MicroEnsure’s Group Business Director, Rehan Butt recently presented at the 19th Asia Conference on Bancassurance and Alternative Distribution Channels which was held in Manila, Philippines in May. While presenting a case for commercial banks to consider ‘’Inclusive Bancassurance’’, Rehan touched on a number of areas where commercial banks can grow deposits, reduce account dormancy, grow […]

20th March 2018

Convincing Airtel Insurance is real in Ghana

Martha Enyinam, a 26-year old Midwife at the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital in the Upper East Region of Ghana, registered on Airtel Insurance in November 2015. On 24th September 2017, Martha was at work when she suddenly started experiencing severe abdominal pains. She was admitted to hospital and treated for three (3) nights. Once recovered, Martha […]

20th March 2018

2nd time benefitting from Airtel Ghana Insurance

Gloria Leonite Kuttoo registered on Airtel Insurance in December 2015 and this is the second time she has benefitted from Airtel Insurance. On 3rd July 2017, Gloria gave birth to her second child, a boy, by Caesarean Section and ended up spending three (3) nights on admission. Once discharged from hospital, she notified Airtel of […]

20th March 2018

Airtel Ghana and MicroEnsure making insurance “real”.

Customer: Gabriel Martey Location: Ghana Amount received: 3,500 GHS [Approx. $790 USD] Gabriel Martey, a loyal subscriber of Airtel for four (4) years, had no knowledge of Airtel Insurance until a colleague from work mentioned it to him. He called the Airtel Customer Service in order to get more information on the product and went […]

20th March 2018

Insurance you can count on delivered by Airtel and MicroEnsure

Customer: Felix Bell Location: Ghana Amount received: 3,500 GHS [Approx. $790 USD] Felix Bell, a 45 year old construction worker lived with his wife and son in Gbetsile, a suburb of Tema.In August 2017, he registered himself and his wife, Bernice Bell, to whom he has been married for twenty years, on Airtel Insurance (Family […]

20th March 2018

Peace of mind and debts are paid with MicroEnsure’s Fearless Insurance

Customer: Charles Lamptey Location: Ghana Amount received: GHS 2,500 [Approx. $564 USD] Martha Quarcoo signed up for Fearless Insurance on 22nd September, 2017 and registered her 25 year old son, Charles Lamptey as her Next of Kin. She opted for the 12-month cover which cost her as little as GHS 30 (approx. $6 USD) in […]

14th March 2018

Learn how Mary in Nairobi saved her business after a fire

Peter Gross, Director of Strategy, MicroEnsure details the steps taken for delivering insurance to the emerging mass market in this article, How Mary, a shoe salesman in Nairobi, saved her business after a fire, written for AXA. The article includes video clips from Mary Mburu, where she describes what happened during the Gikomba Market fire in […]