Our model

There are three distinct roles that need to be performed in order to
deliver insurance products to the mass market:

We perform a number of roles which can vary from
country-to-country according to the needs of our partners.

Once we have refined our customer base and designed the products, our role is then to provide an efficient back office function.

We have become experts at providing world-class services to our partners:

Market knowledge

  • Human-centred design, finessed through 12 years in low-income markets
  • Understanding and addressing customers’ previous experience and assumptions – lack of knowledge and trust in the product

Technical strength

  • Industry leaders in the fields of project management, solution architecture, innovative design and back-end delivery

Innovative products

  • Telenor Suraksha; delivered in 8 weeks and attracting 20 million customers in 15 weeks since launch
  • “3 for free” attracting 8 million new customers in just 1 year

Robust operations

  • Managing everything from in-country training to administration

Customer value

  • Providing free products to customers
  • Delivering on our promises
  • Building trust

High-volume systems

  • Mobile capabilities through USSD, SMS and IVR
  • Utilising new claims technologies

Speed, efficiency and agility

  • Launching world-first products in just a number of weeks in different countries around the world