15th June 2017

MicroEnsure and U Microfinance Bank enter into a strategic partnership

U Microfinance Bank has entered in to a strategic alliance with MicroEnsure, a leading provider of mass market insurance worldwide. U Microfinance Bank and MicroEnsure will work together to develop and distribute innovative and affordable insurance solutions tailored to the specific needs of UBank customers. MicroEnsure Pakistan (Private) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of […]

16th May 2017

Emerging customers: Protecting the middle class of tomorrow

MicroEnsure and AXA are working together to protect low-to-middle income customers in emerging countries who remain desperately uninsured, despite the risks they face on a daily basis. In a recent article, AXA explain why they decided to invest in developing a line of dedicated insurance solutions through the Emerging Consumers initiative. This global initiative now […]

26th April 2017

Podcast: Richard Leftley’s interview with Market Minds

Our CEO, Richard Leftley, was recently interviewed by Sebastian De Zulueta, from Market Minds, as part of their ‘A Glass of Wine with…’ podcast series. Market Minds are a professional network representing the future leaders of the global insurance industry. In the interview, Richard talks about a range of topics, from the fundamental concept of […]


20th April 2017

Emerging Insight: Finding the needle in the haystack

The ever-changing and expanding world of data is expected to disrupt the world of insurance. Yet, the large volume of data is only valueable if converted into insights and applied to improving business operations, such as claims management. MicroEnsure, for example, uses data analysis to identify patterns in claims. The claims operation analysis, currently done […]

19th April 2017

A new step for MicroEnsure with Agent Banking

Recently, various workshops were organized on financial inclusion by different development organizations. Bank Asia and MicroEnsure were on the same table of a workshop, where they gave us chance to solve a case with relevant financial services and that was the commencement of a simple idea about how to integrate insurance products with the agent banking service. That […]


2nd February 2017

Pakistan Microfinance Network highlights Damen and MicroEnsure’s health insurance.

Damen Support Programme in Pakistan has always strived for employment of women. It is playing an important role in solving women’s socioeconomic issues as well as in their empowerment. It is building a sense of self-reliance and progress in less developed communities. With an active client base of 45,000 and a portfolio of 1.5 Billion […]

2nd February 2017

MicroEnsure’s Adjoa Boateng recognized as one of the top women business leaders in Ghana

MicroEnsure’s Adjoa Boateng, Country Manager Ghana, has received a Certificate of Recognition from the WomenRising Top 50 Corporate Women Leaders in 2016. WomanRising, Ghana’s leading network of Women Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders and a flagship project of The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) has released another comprehensive & inspiring list of the Top 50 Women […]

31st January 2017

MicroEnsure renews its commitment to the Business Call to Action with a pledge to serve 5 million new customers by 2020

UK-based microinsurance specialist MicroEnsure, a member of the Business Call to Action (BCtA) since 2012, has made an ambitious new pledge to insure 5 million additional low-income customers while producing three groundbreaking, scalable  new products by 2020. Launched in 2008, the BCtA aims to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals by challenging companies to […]

21st December 2016

JazzCash and MicroEnsure Pakistan launch JazzCash Sehat Sahulat

In June this year, JazzCash entered in to a strategic alliance with MicroEnsure Pakistan, a leading provider of mass market insurance worldwide, whereby innovative small ticket insurance products and solutions are offered JazzCash customers. Understanding the scarcity of financial issues related to healthcare matters and lack dearth of health insurance products for the common person […]

23rd November 2016

Tonic Cash’s 1st claimant

Following the launch of Tonic Cash with Telenor Health, the MicroEnsure team in Bangladesh is now looking into the details of activities in individual locations, to make sure the operations run smoothly in both rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. The field team, led by Senior Executive of Business Operations, Tayobur Rahman, consists of 30 members, including […]