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Location: Accra, Ghana

Reports to: Product Manager, Ghana MicroEnsure Labs

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Closing date for applications: 29th October.

Why join us?

MicroEnsure is an industry leader in transforming insurance in the emerging markets. As one of the leading microinsurance providers in the world, MicroEnsure has served over 56 million customers worldwide. MicroEnsure is headquartered in the UK and has offices throughout Africa and Asia.

Job Description

Fearless Sales Agent is responsible for promoting and selling the Fearless Product directly to customers. He/she will be the face of Fearless and play a key role in promoting Fearless and MicroEnsure.

  • Contact a minimum number of clients in the field and at the call center (goals will differ based on days)
  • Describe products and explain clearly the product terms and conditions
  • Educate clients on payment options and operational processes such as making a claim
  • Respond to all other client queries
  • Enter and maintain logs of client information gathered
  • Report to management any insights gathered on calls or in the field
  • Conduct, report and make recommendations based on market surveys
  • Perform any other requirements of management upon request
  • Administrative tasks such as data entry
  • Work 6 days a week if necessary in order to meet sales goals

Career Growth and Development

At MicroEnsure, we believe that people are our most important resource. We invest heavily in helping you build sales and communications skills. We provide constant actionable feedback throughout your time with us. As a global company with strong international presence you will have significant opportunity for development You will start as a Sales Agent for one of the best microinsurance products on the market- Fearless. In this role, you will build sales expertise and leadership skills. High performing agents could go on to become team leaders who will be responsible for training and managing new agents.


  • 4-year degree qualification required, preferably in a subject related to sales or communication
  • Customer Service Skills: ability to speak in a friendly way to customers and potential customers, listening to their needs and helping communicate options for them.
  • Great interpersonal skills and communication skills: ability to speak to customers about a product’s different features, and answer any questions they might have.
  • Flexibility: willingness to work long hours, nights or weekends in order to meet sales goals
  • Grit and Persistence: persistence in trying to make a sale and the ability to not be discouraged by unsuccessful sales
  • Professional experience in insurance and financial services is a plus
  • Appreciation and concern for the plight of low-income people
  • Ability to work autonomously and take initiative; demonstrate self -motivation and energy, work well under pressure to meet sales goals.
  • Fluency in spoken English and at least one local language
  • Commitment to model and articulate MicroEnsure’s mission, vision and values

Mission:  We are dedicated to creating, distributing and operating products that help uninsured people in emerging markets to mitigate the risks they face each day. By understanding our customers, providing innovative solutions and pushing ourselves to do everything better, our Company will create significant value for customers, employees, business partners a nd investors. Vision:  To radically transform insurance in emerging markets by delivering pioneering solutions for the under-served.

Core Values:

Teamwork – Working together to create world-class solutions.

Innovation – Rethinking insurance to deliver products that transform lives.

Customer Value – Delivering products that are easy to use & meet customer needs.

Excellence – Performing at our highest standards & constantly seeking to improve.

Integrity – Doing the right thing, all day, every day.


We offer a modest starting salary with highly competitive performance-based incentives that rewards high performers. In addition, we offer generous benefits such as comprehensive insurance for you and up to 4 family members. This is a career-track role with the ability to expand responsibilities over time.

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Reports to: Director, MicroEnsure Labs

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Apply: Send CV to

Closing date for applications: 15th October 2017.


MicroEnsure Labs is a division of MicroEnsure and acts at the Research & Development department for the organisation. Much of Labs work focuses on testing new product concepts and distribution channels, and establishing processes for eventual handover to MicroEnsure’s existing operations teams.

The MicroEnsure Labs Product Manager will act as the General Manager for each of the products under their responsibility, with full ownership of each product from ideation to operationalization. The Product Manager will be a master of both big picture and detail thinking and management, ultimately responsible for the success of each product they manage. They will act as a statesman within the organization, pulling together people and ideas from many functions and viewpoints toward a common goal of launching and maintaining profitable products and distribution channels.

Major Job Responsibilities:


  • Act as the General Manager with full profit and loss responsibility for all products in their portfolio.
  • Own the product through every stage of the product lifecycle.
  • Cross functional leadership and advocacy for their product portfolio throughout the organization. Manage cross-functional teams, without direct authority over those teams.
  • Drive and report on appropriate metrics and KPIs related to their portfolio.
  • Build and train a team of competent staff needed to run each product effectively, if necessary.

New Product Development

  • Project manage their portfolio of products in the product development pipeline.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate Gantt charts, data sets, task management, and other documentation required for effective project management.
  • Leverage robust market research to act as the voice of the customer in the product development process. The Product Manager should spend 25%+ of their time with customers to make sure that all development activities are relevant with supporting evidence collected from field research and experiments.
  • Laterally manage the technology team’s development of the product, where applicable.
  • Be fully aware of insurance regulations in the market they operate.


  • Responsible for transitioning products from hundreds of customers, to thousands, to millions. Actively think about scale with all product development and the processes, staffing, and technology that will enable scale.
  • Research and test multiple approaches to achieve operational efficiency and establish and document best practices.
  • Own the operationalization of new products as they transition into the existing organization, where appropriate.


  • Communications – Use internal and external resources to develop marketing materials and execute marketing campaigns for their portfolio products.
  • Research – Identify and manage data collection and analytics for their portfolio products.
  • Public Relations – Work with MicroEnsure internal resources to implement PR strategies for portfolio products.
  • Determine all customer communications as they interact with our products, including verbiage, channel, and any technology required.

Data Management

  • Use data to support decision-making for product features, marketing materials, pricing, and other areas as needed.
  • Manage data collection for product tests/experiments and ongoing KPI monitoring
  • Conduct basic data analyses to provide supporting evidence for decision-making.

Admin, Legal, Accounting

  • Responsible for driving Admin, Legal and Accounting for their product portfolio.
  • Provide MicroEnsure’s Legal and Accounting teams with the information and documentation necessary to advance product implementation, tracking all outstanding requests and following up regularly as needed.
  • Help determine budget and cashflow estimates for product pilots, including marketing, staffing, technology, and ongoing management budgets.
  • Authorise payments to local 3rd party providers and coordinate with local MicroEnsure accounting staff to track expenditures.

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