Airtel Zambia provides free life insurance for millions of customers in partnership with MicroEnsure

/News Articles/Airtel-ZambiaMicroEnsure has launched its latest free microinsurance product in partnership with Airtel Zambia instantly covering millions of people in Zambia who spend ZMW 10 ($1.8) on airtime each month.

Our second launch with Airtel in 2014 will see a 300% increase in the number of people who have insurance in Zambia overnight.

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Richard Leftley Podcast with the Microinsurance Network

Richard LeftleyRichard Leftley speaks to the Microinsurance Network and shares his views on product development, innovation, outreach and distribution at the 9th Microinsurance Conference held in Jakarta in November 2013.

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MicroEnsure recognised as the best microinsurance provider in Africa

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MicroEnsure has won the award for Best Micro Insurance Provider in Africa at the fourth MobileMoney Africa Expo awards ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria in February.

MicroEnsure featured in CGAP’s The Global Landscape of Mobile Microinsurance

CGAPOver the last three years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of mobile microinsurance products launched worldwide.

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MicroEnsure one of the world’s top purpose-driven organisations

GameChangers 500GameChangers 500 has recognised MicroEnsure as one of the world’s top purpose-driven organisations for its work in providing insurance to the mass market.

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MicroEnsure provides weather index insurance to thousands of Zambian farmers

FarmerShieldNWK Agri-Services (formally Dunavant) has partnered with MicroEnsure to provide life and weather insurance for its contract farmers in Zambia.

FarmerShield, a unique new product developed by MicroEnsure is a combined life and weather index insurance cover.

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Airtel Ghana teams up with MicroEnsure to offer free insurance to its customers

Airtel InsuranceAirtel Insurance is the world's most comprehensive free insurance insurance product, offering life, accident, and hospitalisation cover with benefits increasing based on airtime usage.

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